The world's largest continuous source of semiconductors.

  • Rochester Partners with Suppliers and is authorized and licensed by over 70 leading semiconductor manufacturers.
  • Rochester Distributes with over 200,000 part numbers in stock and 15 billion finished devices.
  • Rochester Manufactures authorized, traceable, certified and guaranteed end-of-life products with over 12 billion die in stock, 20,000 device types manufactured and the capability to manufacture in excess of 70,000 devices.
  • Rochester Services through an extensive range of logistical and manufacturing solutions.

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What's New and Newsworthy

The Authorized Source for IBM

IBM PowerPC® 750 series product available at Rochester Electronics   Rochester  Electronics has been a proud partner of IBM for over a...Read more

Rochester Expands Phoenix AZ Office

Rochester Electronics expands Phoenix, Arizona Sales Office We are excited to announce the rapid expansion of our Phoenix, Arizona branch due to the dramatic...Read more

The Authorized Source For NXP Semiconductors

Licensed by NXP/Freescale as the Continuing Product SourceRochester Electronics is partnered with NXP and is the authorized source for NXP product,  which...Read more

The Authorized Source for Texas Instruments

High demand Texas Instruments product available at Rochester Electronics Since the mid-1990s Texas Instruments has completed over thirty acquisitions that have...Read more

The Authorized Source for Infineon Technologies

The world's largest continuous source of semiconductors Rochester Electronics has been a proud partner of Infineon Technologies for over a decade and continues to...Read more

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