Why Work at Rochester?

 Friendly culture.  Awesome benefits.  Rewarding careers.  Great opportunities!

 Over the last 35 years Rochester has grown its' operations from Newburyport, Massachusetts to locations around the globe.  Our family driven values and motivating culture make for a truly rewarding career that you will take great pride in.  See our exciting list of opportunities.  We are looking forward to hearing from you!


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Financial Benefits

  • 100% Rochester-funded Profit Sharing program.
  • Generous two-tier Rochester match 401K program.
  • Super low cost comprehensive health and dental care program.
  • Paid time off, including holidays, vacation and sick time.

“We truly appreciate our employees and are committed to providing outstanding financial benefits for today and tomorrow.”   
– Curt Gerrish, Founder and CEO

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Health Benefits

  • Outstanding medical, dental and vision health care program.
  • Private on-site gym (Newburyport).
  • Discounts on health club memberships.
  • Group exercise programs.
  • Team health challenges and rewards.

“Health and wellness are a foundation of the Rochester way. We continue to expand our programs to provide the best possible opportunities for our team.”   
– Cydney Runions, Director of HR

"Rochester has given me countless opportunities to grow and gain experience all while maintaining a fun, family-like environment."

John Bainter

Inventory Control Manager Rochester Electronics

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Team Benefits

  • Fun monthly events.
  • Cookouts, barbecues and ice cream!
  • Team collaborative events and socials.
  • Sports competitions.

“Creating a fun, happy environment is incredibly important for everyone’s enjoyment, productivity and collaboration.”
– Chris Gerrish, Co-President

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Overall Company Benefits

  • Friendly, collaborative and motivated culture.
  • Global job opportunities and growth.
  • Continuous company development and success.
  • Professional, dynamic environment.

“Practicing continuous improvement and development in all areas of our operation sets the foundation for our ongoing growth.”
– Paul Gerrish, Co-President

"The best part about being in the Rochester family, is the people - whether colleagues or customers.  I go through my day with a smile on my face.  When surrounded by amazing people, great things get accomplished!  I love that work/life balance is a way of life at Rochester Electronics, and not just a statement."

Torrey Winterton

Strategic Account Manager Rochester Electronics

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